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                                              SO YOU THINK YOU’RE A LUTHERAN?



                                           Test yourself.  Take this fun Quiz.  Each answer is worth 2 points.  

                    Since 85% is passing for our Confirmation Class we'll expect no less from you.    

                                                          The answers are provided below.



1 )   T or F     Jesus has already forgiven all of my sins from the cross forever.


2 )   T or F     God saves me through faith and good works.


3 )   T or F     The Holy Spirit stirs my heart so I can cooperate with Him for my 



4 )   T or F     I believe that I cannot believe in Jesus or come to Him.


5 )   T or F     Justification is a lifelong process.


6 )   T or F     Jesus’s presence is symbolized in Holy Communion.


7 )   T or F     All people (including Christians) will be judged on the last day based on 

                       their works.


8 )   T or F     In infant baptism, the effectiveness of the sacrament depends on the

                        faith of the parents.


9 )   T or F     Money is the root of all evil.


10)  T or F     I am a sinner because I commit sins.


11)  T or F     I have free will in choosing salvation.


12)  T or F     I have free will in the secular realm.


13)  T or F     I commit sins because I am a sinner.


14)  T or F     By faith in Christ we are instantly justified by God.


15)  T or F     In Holy Communion the presider’s role is functional (distributing what

                        Christ gave us).


16)  T or F     In Communion the pastor’s role is ontological (making Christ present

                        in the sacrament).


17)  T or F     Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the door of St. Peter’s Church in

                        Rome on October 31, 1517.


18)  T or F     The 95 Theses were 95 points for debate concerning the Catholic     

                        teaching on the Virgin Mary.


19)  T or F     Luther protested the sale of indulgences because he didn’t believe in



20)  T or F     Purgatory is mentioned in the Bible.


21)  T or F     Luther’s solas (“alone”) are summarized as:  We are saved by grace

                        alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.


22)  T or F     Lutheranism is a new form of Christianity.


23)  T or F     The Law has two functions:  Civil use & spiritual use.


24)  T or F     When God gave Israel the 10 Commandments, (also called “natural

                        law”), they were nothing new.


25)  T or F     Everyone possesses natural law, whether they know it or not.


26)  T or F     Martin Luther was named in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.


27)  T or F     Lutherans believe in the Bible.  (Careful, it’s a trick.)


28)  T or F     Lutherans are biblical literalists.


29)  T or F     The Old Testament is Law, the New Testament is Gospel.


30)  T or F     Lutherans believe in moral progress.


31)  T or F     Luther said you can use beer for baptism.


32)  T or F     Luther said you can use grape juice for communion.


33)  T or F     Lutherans believe in tithing (giving at least 10% of your income to the



34)  T or F     Only those who have been ordained may preside at Holy Communion.


35)  T or F     Sin occurs when we do “bad” things.


36)  T or F     Sin is not the absence of faith; it is faith misplaced.


37)  T or F     We are forgiven by God if we confess our sins.  (Careful, it’s a trick.)


38)  T or F     If we live morally upright lives, we are in a state of grace.


39)  T or F     We are in a state of grace when we trust in Christ’s forgiveness; until

                        we sin again.


40)  T or F     If God’s word is spoken at a baptism, but nobody believes it, the

                       baptism is not valid.


41)  T or F     Peter was the first pope.


42)  T or F     Mary, the mother of our Lord, was without sin.


43)  T or F     Saints are persons who have lived exemplary lives and performed at

                       least 3 miracles.


44)  T or F     Luther married a Catholic nun, Katharina von Bora.


45)  T or F     Luther was excommunicated from the Catholic Church and condemned as a

                       heretic by Pope Benedict XVI.


46)  T or F     The ban (or papal bull) against Luther still stands today.


47)  T or F     Lutherans today are welcome to receive the sacrament in the Catholic



48)  T or F     Catholics are welcome to receive the sacrament in the Lutheran



49)  T or F     We are welcome at the Lord’s Table if we agree to reform our lives.


50)  T or F     Some people actually manage to keep some of the 10 Commandments.






1 )   T 

2 )   F   By faith alone. 

3 )   F   We do not cooperate or partner with God.

4 )   T   (3rd Article to the Creed)

5 )   F   It’s instantaneous the moment we believe.

6 )   F   Christ is present “in, with, and under” the elements.

7 )   F   Believers are already judged righteous this side of heaven by faith.

8 )   F   It depends on God’s word.

9 )   F   The love of money is the root of all evil.

10)  F   I commit sins because I’m a sinner.

11)  F   We have limited free will in secular matters, not in salvation.

12)  T

13)  T

14)  T

15)  T

16)  F   Christ is present in the Word.  One can have Word without sacrament, but

              not sacrament without the Word.

17)  F   The Castle Church door in Wittenberg.

18)  F   On the subject of indulgences.

19)  F   Luther still believed in purgatory in 1517.  He thought the pope, out of the  

              goodness of his heart, ought to throw the gates open if he had that power.

20)  F

21)  T

22)  F

23)  T

24)  T

25)  T

26)  F  The other way around.

27)  F  They believe in the God revealed in the Bible.

28)  F 

29)  F  They’re both Law & Gospel.

30)  F 

31)  T  If water is not to be found.  Besides, the water was often not clean.

32)  F  He said nothing about it, other than that we should do it just as Christ did it, and 

             He used wine.

33)  F  The tithe of the Old Testament was a form of tax, somewhat like the IRS

             (Israel Revenue Service).  

34)  F

35)  F  Sinfulness is our condition; “bad” things are the fruit that condition.

36)  T  To not have faith in God is to have faith in oneself.

37)  F  We have been forgiven carte blanche from the cross.  There is no “if.” It’s not

             a quid pro quo; it’s not “If we do A, God will do B.” Otherwise we would could  

             affect our own salvation.  Luther:  “The law says ‘Do this, do that’ and it is

             never done.  The gospel says ‘Believe this,’ and it is already done.”

38)  F  We’re never morally “upright.”  We live by faith, not the law.

39)  F  We are simultaneously 100% sinner and 100% saint.  We live by faith alone.

40)  F  God’s word alone makes it valid.

41)  F

42)  F

43)  F  Saints are those who live by faith.

44)  T

45)  F  Pope Leo X.

46)  T

47)  F

48)  T  Though in some “Lutheran” denominations, not even Lutherans are welcome.

49)  F  We are welcome when we believe the words, “This IS my body, this IS my

            blood given and shed for you.”

50)  F



100% - 96%    Get in the pulpit! 


94% - 90%      A Luther brew awaits you.


88% - 82%      Get thee to a nunnery. 


80% -               Purgatory welcomes you!


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