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"I was glad when they said to me, 'Let us Go to the house of the Lord!'"  —  (Psalm 122:1)
                                         A Portrait Gallery of St. Luke's


Jesus Praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. This original altar window is the central focus of the sanctuary. It was installed in 1928 and is based on Jesus' prayer in John 17. The window is valued at over $90,000.   

Christmas at St. Luke's truly shows forth the beauty of the church which includes two Christmas Eve Candlelight Services.  

The Nativity scene, a favorite with children, is a hand made reproduction imported from Italy. 

The sanctuary is adorned with one, sometimes two Christmas trees in celebration of Christ's birth. 

Completed in 1929, not as a church, but as a church social hall, funding was depleted with the arrival of the Great Depression. Yet the building shows forth its own unique beauty in every kind of light. 

Having withstood the mightiest hurricanes, blizzards, flooding, and even fire for nearly a century, it is little wonder St. Luke's is affectionately known as "A Mighty Fortress." 

Madonna with Child  

Sandro Boticelli (1445-1510)



Mary, the mother of Jesus.

 South Entrance  

Madonna with Child  

Carlo Crivelli (1457-1493)  



The sanctuary looking south.  

The sanctuary looking north. 

Gargoyles represent demoniacs fleeing the church before God's Word. Stone cutters from the Middle Ages occasionally copied the faces of persons with whom they had fallen out of favor. Any resemblance to members of St. Luke's, either living or dead though, is purely coincidental.

Gargoyle, south entrance. 

The giant Garden of Eden tapestry is popular with children as a teaching instrument. The 7 roses at the top represent the 7 days of Creation. The 2 hearts at the bottom are the Law & Gospel with the Rose of Christ in between. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil also contains the ancient Serpent, while the butterfly represents our Resurrestion in Christ. 

The east wall features two rows of stained glass windows depicting the three year ministry of Christ in chronological order.  Stained glass windows are especially found in the churches of Europe and were originally created to explain the Gospel to those who couldn't read. 

The afternoon sun lights the center aisle, creating a serene, meditative mood.  

Joseph with his son, Jesus.  The Christ child is most often shown with his mother, Mary, so this depiction is more unusual.  The statue stands over the north entrance.  

Morning has broken as sunshine bathes the altar. 

The Creation Window lit by the setting sun. 

"Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the ages." — Matthew 28:20  

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